Marshall Electronics Digital Signage with LIVE Video made easy.

Digital Signage with Live Video

DIGITAL SIGNAGE with LIVE VIDEO Energize your message with live video! Digital signs display live and recorded video with custom graphics and text. Viewers can enjoy entertaining live content while viewing sales or branding messages. This powerful messaging tool is made possible with a digital signage monitor and an H.264 encoder.

An encoder is a device that converts an analog signal into a digital signal so that it can be transmitted over the internet to a digital signage player and then to one or more digital signage monitors. Marshall Electronics manufactures three encoders:

Encoder display

Marshall's encoders allow businesses to deliver live video to a network of digital signage players located throughout
a building, a campus, a hospital, or a resort. Digital Video Sample

Digital signage with live video provides infotainment. Think of it like a news program: the live shot of the reporter is surrounded with graphics and a news ticker of breaking stories. Businesses of all sizes can achieve the same effect with Marshall digital signage and encoders — at an affordable price.