Marshall Electronics digital commercial/industrial signs for 24/7 continuous operation products can be used everywhere from office buildings and airports to retail stores and sporting events. Find a reliable solution to displaying vital information.

Digital Sign Application Usage
Calendar Digital Sign Sample Schedules Universities use digital signage to display schedules outside of shared classrooms and lecture halls. Companies use digital signage to display the reserved times of conference rooms. Multiple room schedules can be maintained from one computer. Transportation terminals can keep schedules updated in real time.
Calendar Digital Sign Sample Calendars Businesses can display calendars of upcoming events to notify the public and their employees. For example, a civic center may display a calendar of events in the lobby.
Menu Digital Sign Sample Menus Restaurants are employing digital signage to display menus because they can be easily changed to display breakfast, lunch, or dinner menu items. The signs enable information to be added or removed in real time throughout a restaurant.
Menu Digital Sign Sample Advertising Businesses of all sizes can display advertising messages on digital signage located where customers will see them, like inside retail stores, malls, hotels, banks, entertainment venues, convention centers, and more. The content is completely customizable with images, graphics, text, and live video.
Menu Digital Sign Sample Branding Companies can use coordinated imagery displayed on a network of signs to reinforce the brand image. While a similar look can be used on all the signs in a network, each sign has its own IP address and can display different information.
Menu Digital Sign Sample Entertainment Entertainment venues use digital signage to display sports scores, promotions, schedules and upcoming events. Stats and scores can be updated in real time. Combine digital signage with an encoder to entertain your audience with live video.
Alert System Digital Sign Sample Emergency alert system College campuses are integrating digital signage into their emergency alert systems. When an emergency occurs, a message can quickly be deployed across a network of digital signs. This same functionality makes digital signage an important part of the emergency plan in government buildings. Because Marshall digital room signs are designed to run continuously, they can provide emergency information at any hour. Inexpensive, consumer grade monitors are not built for continuous operation and are not suitable for this application.
Employee Communication Digital Sign Sample Employee communication Digital signs can be used to notify employees of procedural or policy changes all at once, in multiple locations. Information pertaining to particular departments can be displayed on the digital signs within those departments, such as in a hospital or large business.
Digital Sign Sample Directions Digital signs are effective ways to display directions within a building. Think of mall directories. Such maps can be employed in office buildings and department stores, alternating with other important information.